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Techphant Smart Digital Lock
Techphant Smart Digital Lock

Techphant Smart Digital Lock

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TP728 and TP728i

The 'i' is an enhanced version with faster speed recognition technology and upgraded exterior design.

Both models will be displayed but only published TP728i into your e-store.


Based on NB-IoT technology, Techphant SMART Digital Lock can connects with the mobile phone for quick setup and user management. Users can check the door lock status and door opening information through their mobile phones at anytime and anywhere. 

Available in 4 colors, Gold, Bronze, Black and White, the TP728i SMART Digital Lock can also be accessed by Fingerprint, Password, Access card and Key.

NB-IoT (narrowband Internet of Things technology) is an important branch of the Internet. With its extremely low spectrum bandwidth, wide coverage, extremely low energy consumption, long battery life, and low cost of equipment. NB-IoT is becoming an important key technology for the future intelligent IoT. Based on mobile communication network technology, NB-IoT is proposed by the 3GPP organization of 4G/5G standards development organization, and can coexist with current mobile communication networks, enabling operators to directly deploy NB-IoT networks without affecting existing network operations and achieve wide-area intelligence of devices.