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Family Dot
Family Dot
Family Dot
Family Dot

Family Dot

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FamilyDot is a portable GPS tracking device which allows you to safely monitor and track the location of your family members.

Simply have your child carry the FamilyDot device, and you can check the location of your child from the “FamilyDot” app.

FamilyDot can change your life by offering you comfort and a peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones are always safe. For example, set a notification for when your children have left school, so that you can start to prepare them dinner, just in time they reach home. Parents and grandparents far away can feel relief when they see a message notifying them of the child's safe return.

No more worrying over where your children are, or if they will be coming home on time.

  • Location data obtained every 3 minutes, with the coordinates being recorded each time. This record can be kept for up to 24 hours, allowing you to track back your children’s actual paths.
  • No contracts with carriers or monthly fees required.
  • Register locations often visited by your children (such as your kids school or your home) as destinations and be notified when your children arrive at or leaves this certain location.
  • Allows both multiple users and devices to be registered. (i.e. both mother and father can watch over multiple children).
  • Can be used in 79 countries and regions around the world.